Thursday, November 17, 2011

World of Coke

Faith wanted to use her birthday money to buy her first American Girl Doll.  So we decided to plan a family trip to Atlanta.  Our first stop, World of Coke. 

I was so excited when I found out that you could get free tickets from Coke Awards.  So we asked everyone we knew to save us their bottle tops, cardboard boxes, etc. from Coke. We were so blessed by so many people giving them to us.  When Tony played at his high school alumni game, the kids & I grabbed all the tops of the bottles that people left in the stands.  (Can you imagine what the clean up crew must have thought the next day.... why is every single Coke product drink topless?)  So thanks to many wonderful friends, family & hard work after a football game, we got all 5 tickets free.  Yay!

:Coke bottles from all over the world:

I loved watching my children as we entered the World of Coke.  There is a huge bottle hanging from a very high ceiling.  There is the sound of someone pouring Coke, then drinking it & the famous Ahhh.  My kids were mesmerized by this.  Then we decided to hit the bathrooms, which were gorgeous.  We could have left right then & the kids would have had a great time. :)


:Me, Faith, Coke Polar Bear & Collin:

:Collin at the "Coke" counter:

Will trying to write "Coca Cola" like on the bottle.

Will watching how they bottle Coke.

Let the tasting begin.
There were different Coke stations set up around the tasting room. Different Coke drinks from all around the world.  This was a lot of fun, but after tasting so many, we all felt pretty yuck.

When we enter the World of Coke, they told us that "Beverly" was the most talked about drink Coke had.  They don't tell you why that is.  Can you guess by Collin's expression?  After seeing this & Tony's expression I didn't taste it.  Tony said that it tasted like motor oil. 

This ended up being our Christmas Card.

Will wrote why I love Coke to put on the Wall of Fame.

Collin resting on the 2005 American Idol couch.

I just thought this was a charming picture.

They let you take home a souvenir Coke as you were exiting, which lead right into the gift shop. 

Leading into the Olympic Park.

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