Thursday, November 17, 2011

Faith's First American Girl Doll

The excitement was building...... Faith could hardly stand it.  As we pulled up to the mall, it was raining ~ hard, but that didn't damper her excitement.  Tony let the kids & I out while he parked the car.  We were right outside the American Girl Doll store.  Faith wanted this to be a "girl thing", so we had to wait for Tony to get inside.  This was the most excited that I have ever seen Faith.  The wait was torchure.  Finally, Daddy came inside the mall.  After the boys took off, we headed into the store.  Right inside the door, Faith did a very slow 380 look around the store.  (I wish I had this on video, she was in awe.)

Then she spotted the doll that she had been wanting for months..... Kit.  She took off.  Watch out, people, this girl is on a mission.

 She pulled Kit off the shelf & just held onto the box.  She stood there looking into the circle cut out for quite awhile.  Now let me remind you there was a Kit doll in a glass box right above her, but the one in the box was hers.

She began taking pictures of everything she saw.

Then she began playing with everything that was set up.

 I'm not one for toilet pictures, but I thought this was too funny.  AG thought of everything...even a place to put your doll when you have to take care of business.

Faith & Kit:
After a wonderful time at AG, we met the guys for supper in the food court.

:Above is my favorite American Girl:

Faith & I went back to the AG store the next day to have our brunch.

:Faith & Kit:

Faith & Kit

We just love this little Bistro.

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