Saturday, November 12, 2011

Karate Kids & Celebrating Faith's 6th Birthday

The kids are doing a great job with their karate.  They are learning self control, respect, more about our Lord, as well as self defense through their classes.

Collin practicing his forms.

Will with Mr. Gerald working on his forms.

Mr. Gerald & Faith working on her blocks. 

After Karate, which happened to be on Faith's 6th birthday, we met Faith's best buddy, Jacob at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate a little.

Jacob & Faith watching/playing a "scary" game.

Collin, Will, Faith & Jacob playing skeet ball.

(Don't know why it is sideways) Faith's family celebration.

Faith blowing out candles with Collin & cousin Nathan watching.

Waiting on cake.

Faith opening presents.

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