Friday, November 18, 2011

GA Aquarium & Johnny Rockets

We went to the Georgia Aquarium our last day in Atlanta.  We love ocean animals. 

Faith, Tony & Will (beside some strangers on the right) at the shark & sting ray petting pool.


 :Bonnethead shark:

Faith, Will & Collin petting sea urchins. 

:Puff fish:

:Collin & Faith in another petting pool:


:albino alligator:

:The kids at the huge aquarium.:

:Collin & the spotted sting ray.:

We were fascinated by this Beluga Whale.  They had 5, but only 2 were in this tank when we stopped by.  There were so many beautiful animals, but only a fraction of God's gorgeous ocean animal creation. As we were looking at some strange looking, beautiful, ugly, etc. animals, I was in awe by His creativity.  Sometimes I wondered why He made one look the way He did.  I am so excited to continue to get a glimpse at His handy work.

After our great time at the aquarium, we were walking back to our van & spotted Johnny Rockets.  It is a 50's style restaurant, so we decided to go in.

They gave us lots of nickels to play the juke box.  We all enjoyed the 50's music playing.

Me & the kids.


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