Friday, June 24, 2011

Shakespeare in The Park

We met at the River Walk park for fun & learning about Shakespeare's Midsummer Night Dream.  We also learned about Midsummer's Day and St. John's Day.

Mrs. Laura is a children's librarian.  She taught the kids about Midsummer's Day. (which is what inspired  Shakespeare to write Midsummer's Night Dream.)  Being a wonderful librarian that she is, she brought in many elements.  We had fruit salad to represent Stone Soup (another great story). 

The fairy houses were from Midsummer's Day. 

Instead if fairy houses, the boys decided to make a rolly polly house.  This is Will & Addie's house.

Collin, Dawson, Whit, Dalia, Addie & Will

The boys enjoying watermelons.

Faith in the sun with watermelon.
(Back row) Addie, Dalia, Will (middle) Collin, Dawson, Whit, Faith & Jacob 
With our new found turtle & 20 worms ~ found by Whit.
Thankfully, Dawson took the turtle home.

After our mini summer lesson, the 'lilbucks & I went on a nature walk.

Loved the river.

Side note: St. John's Day is on June 24th.  It is in honor of John the Baptist's birthday.  6 months before Jesus' Birth.  I had never even heard of it.  Love Learning.

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