Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Gifts

This year for Father's Day, the kids & I  decided to make a goodie basket for Daddy.  He & the boys love Star Wars.  We were excited when we came across a site for a Star War Kit.  The kids could not wait to get started on this present.  Poor Daddy, I don't know how much he got to eat.  The kids were helping him eat his goodies.  I hope that he got some of it before they devoured it.

                               Pepperidge Farm Cookies                        Trident Gum

                              Slim Jims                               Rolos                                                               

                                    Gatorade     Pringles      Sprite                                

                         Tic Tacs                             Reece's Pieces

I know this last one has nothing to do with Star Wars, but the kids wanted to let Dad know that they love him to pieces.

For my father-in-law, we found some drinks that he loved when he was younger as well as Reece's Pieces like Daddy's.  We printed off labels that say, "Pops, you are one suh-weet dude!"

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