Saturday, August 21, 2010

Servants of the Lord

One of the many reason that we home school it to be able to help others.
Since our schedule is so flexible, we can go when others can not.

We had the great opportunity to help our Women's Prison ministry from our church. 27 ladies from our church (as well as from other churches) were having a women's day retreat at one of the local prisons. They needed help putting together gift bags, music folders, preparing the food, packing the food & preparing the supplies.

My children were so excited to help. We went to help others, but we were the ones that received the blessing. It is my prayer that our children will have a servant's heart for the Lord. They learned that God's little people can do amazing things for Him.

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  1. Hey, girl!
    I'm finally seeing what I missed all summer on all of my blog-friends blogs. Wow! You guys were busy! Love the fishing pictures! Hugs to you all!