Thursday, August 26, 2010

Excalibur Home school co-op

This year we are participating in a home school co-op, where were are being educated in Science, art & Spanish.

We have learned a lot in our Spanish class. My kids break out speaking Spanish throughout the day.

Will & Collin working on their Botticelli Art in the Round painting.
We are studying the Great Artists

We are doing Christian Kids Explore Science- Physics. This has been so much fun. Mrs. Melinda is (a friend of mine from way back in my youth group days.) our Physics teacher. She is so talented in teaching the children. She came up with a wonderful way to illustrate a nucleus.

She had girls & moms stand together ~ representing the protons & neutrons in the middle. The boys were the electrons that were running around the nucleus. I wish I had this illustration when I was in school. Maybe then, I would have remembered which was which.

Will with other 3rd & 4th graders working on their worksheets.

Collin with other 1st & 2nd graders building atoms.

The whole co-op building a marshmallow & toothpick city.

Faith is in the preschool class ~ she had to stop by to show me a baby lizard that she caught.

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