Sunday, August 1, 2010

Collin, Today is Your Day

Collin's 7th birthday picture.

We are so blessed to have Collin in our life. He came into this world 7 years ago with a few minor problems. God healed him & now everything is fine.
  • He loves Jesus
  • Will & Faith are his best friends
  • He loves to build
  • He can't stand for someone to be hurt
  • He loves to share
  • Collin has such a sweet spirit
  • He loves to play jokes on you
  • Working with dad is a great thing
  • He loves to be read too
  • Sweets are a must
  • AKA "Cookie"
I am so thankful & honored that God chose Tony & me to raise Collin for Him. It is so hard to believe that my baby boy is 7 years old. Where has the time gone?

IHOP has become Collin's favorite place to go for his birthday!

Star Wars birthday party with our family.

1-2-3 Go! Swimming with our cousins.

Collin's birthday quilt. Since Will got one for his birthday, Collin knew that he was going to get one. So he got to pick out his fabrics & design.

:The quilt's back:

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  1. My baby turned 7 in March. Time does fly doesn't it. I love the quilt. I still owe 4 of my kids quilts yet, before the graduate High school.