Monday, August 23, 2010

Little of This & a Little of That

Tony found a Jon boat for an amazing deal. The boys want to paint it camouflage. (Will show "after" pictures later.) We have really enjoyed floating around in small ponds.


We were in Wal-Mart and saw a green bike on clearance. There wasn't a upc symbol or price on it. We asked a sales associate about it. She called the manager to find out how much. He asked her how much she thought it was worth. She said maybe $25. He said okay. YAY! We got a great bike for a great price.

When Faith woke up this morning, she said I want to pet Collin' s bike. :)


The kids participated in our local library’s summer reading program. They really enjoy reading & this is an easy way to earn free coupons at local restaurants & then to get a great medal

as a keep sake.


:Faith sparing with her instructor, Mr. Gerald.:

:Collin sparing with Mr. Gerald.:

Faith & Collin sparing each other. They were laughing the whole time. Mr. Gerald told them that they loved each other to much, because they were holding back & not hitting each other. This is hard to tell the kids not to hit each other, but then it's okay to hit on the mat. (I hope that all the training that I've done isn't going out the window.)

And the winner is...........

~ Total wipe out. ~


We had the privilege of meeting with one of our state congressmen. Mrs. Donna (right) had a meeting with him to discuss issues & bills concerning arthritis. She asked us if we would like to go & ask Senator Wilson some questions. Collin asked him what his views were on home schooling. (For the record ~ he supports it. :) Faith's question was if he knew Jesus & Will's question was if you died today where would you go? Unfortunately, we ran out of time to ask him the last 2 questions. They were both very disappointed. I told them that we would pray that we will get another chance later. I was so proud of them for their patience, great behavior & for them wanting to ask him about his salvation. Praise the Lord!

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