Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Longing for the Days of Old

I love watching shows & movies and reading books about the days of old. I love the simplicity of things & the slower pace. Yes, they had a lot more work to do, but they didn't have "things/clutter" to keep them busy. No internet, no phone, no toys here and there, no gadgets that we don't use, no driving from here to there... I could go on and on.

This past year I have cut out a lot of going, buying, TV, etc. I still feel the need to do more. I feel that we (as society) have lost sight of what is important. Spending time with our family - quality time, teaching Christian & family values, & doing for others - not being a "what's in it for me" person. I can't do much about the rest of the world, but I can work on our little world.

One thing that I've been trying to do more of is letter writing. Not e-mailing, but writing letters on stationary & mailing them. A thank you note for someone's kindness, "I'm thinking of you" note, a letter of encouragement, and a letter of what's been going on in our life to a friend miles away. Yes, it would be cheaper and faster to e-mail, but I know how it brightens up my day. I want to do that for someone else. I love to get a letter in the mail. It's not to often that I get one, but for some reason, every day when we go to mailbox, I get a little giddy inside with the anticipation of what awaits. Most of the time, it is only junk mail & bills. Oh well, I think, tomorrow is another day.

Last night, Will & I started crocheting a bag ~ one each. As we worked, we talked about this and that. Nothing of real importance, but I got a little glimpse of what was on his mind & in his heart. Something that I might have not gotten otherwise.

Collin & I love sewing on the machine together. Making gift bags, quilts, you name it. Making memories.

Faith & I love our tea parties. (The boys like to join in too.) We love the etiquette, life lessons and making up wild tales that come along with our tea time.

We also love to bake and give it away ~ just to let someone know we were thinking about them.

Going back to the movies & stories of the days of old, I have noticed that they only have the bare essentials. Not a lot of material things. Which allows them to have time for everything else they needed to do. I am trying to declutter (as Flylady tells us to do) the clutter in our home. I have spent way to much time picking up things that we don't even use.

With only 2 more days of school left in this school year, I am looking forward to getting back to simplicity.

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  1. I love fly lady... She helps me keep my house in order. We have been doing similar things like you for the last 10 years.

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