Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Dos & Don't of a Tea Party

We love having tea parties. Even the boys like to join us. I try to use this time to teach manners, proper etiquette, a time to talk about our blessings & praising God.

Today, the boys went with their daddy to help work at their aunt's new house. So Faith & I cleaned the house and then, as a treat, had a tea party.

Faith said that she wanted to show & tell everyone what to do and not to do at a tea party. So without further adieu....

Set the table and get the food ready.

Never, never put the food on someone else's plate. You bring them the tray and let them get what they want.

The hostess pours everyone's tea.

Always pray before you eat.

Never stuff your mouth & then try to talk with food in it. Knees are not allowed to be up in the chair.

Never put your elbows on the table.

Never wipe your mouth on your sleeve. Always use a napkin.

(Faith's addition) Ladies (and only ladies) must always hold their pinky up while drinking their tea.

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