Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bitter Sweet

Yesterday, was a bitter sweet day. An end to 3 good things.

1. We finished our Swiss Family Robinson Unit. Will read the book, we all watched the movie and the the T.V. series . We really loved doing this. It's funny how you get so into the characters when you do a study. We will miss the Robinson family. We are now looking for a new adventure, in reading, to start.

2. Our dear friends, the Murrays went back to the Philippines where they are missionaries. We are so thankful that we've had them in our lives over the years. Their love for the Lord is so evident. They love the filipino people very much. They are our spiritual heroes.

Will & Calab. (the little girl is Calab's cousin, she was not happy to see them go either.)

Collin, Andrew & Will
Our preacher praying before they boarded the plane. There are so many lost souls that need to be saved ~ to hear the gospel from them. They are adopting a little girl that will be waiting for them in their living room when they arrive back to the Philippines. Bitter sweet. So hard to see them go, but so excited for them for what lies ahead.

After the plane left.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the 'lil Bucks to smile. They were soooo sad.

3. Faith had long beautiful curls. It was time to get her 1st hair cut.

She had some split ends, the tangles were unbearable (for both she & I) and it was getting caught in things.

Tony cuts the boy's hair at the house. When I first told Faith she was going to get a hair cut, she was very upset. All she had ever known was the boy's hair cuts ~ very short. After talking to her about it, she started getting very excited. She was telling everyone she ran into about it ~ even the cashier at Wal-Mart.

Mrs. Carolyn had to brush out her curls before she could cut it.

Faith was very curious about these "space" looking things. After her haircut, she wanted to try it out.

Even though, it was very sad for me to see the curls go, she did have a very cute hair cut and Faith was happy.

Since we have 3 guys with an inch of hair & had 2 gals with curly hair, I don't own a brush. I don't even know how to fix straight hair. Oh dear........

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  1. Precious! Love Faith's hair! She is so beautiful! We've gotta talk soon...I've been slack on my emails...sorry!