Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

 I love fall.  The beautiful colors of leaves, crisp air, apple cider, pumpkins & the excitement on the 'lilbucks faces when they talk about what they want to carve on their pumpkins. 

First, the scooping out of the pumpkin.  Everyone complains (including me) about this because it's slimy, but we still enjoy it. 

This year, Collin decided to use gloves.

After we scooped out the pumpkin, we had a pumpkin chunkin' contest.
They threw the seeds & slime all over the yard.  If my husband stopped cutting the grass, we may have a pumpkin patch in our yard.

Last year, we started doing character pumpkins.  They would pick a picture of what they wanted to carve.  We would print it out, tape it on the pumpkin, use a hammer & nail and trace along the outline with punched holes, then carving the design out. 

Faith had fun hammering away with her hand and a small screwdriver.  Unfortunately, her fish didn't turn out right because of the shape.  So we did a "F" on the other side.

Angry Birds was Will's choice.

:Faith's Pumpkin:

:Will's Angry Bird:

:Collin's Clemson Pumpkin:

Faith & I decided to paint our toenails like candy corn.  I found this cool idea on Pinterest.  It takes 2 coats of each color & you can only paint 1 section at a time.  Very time consuming, but love the final product.

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