Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mi - Crooked Letter - Crooked Letter - I.......

Mi - Crooked Letter - Crooked Letter - I - Crooked Letter - Crooked Letter - Hump Back - Hump Back - I is how we learn how to spell Mississippi.

My husband is originally from Mississippi.  Most of his family is still there.  Will was just toddling around when we went the last time. Collin & Faith have never been.  They were so excited about going.

Tony's cousin's beautiful cows. 

Makin' tracks.
Tony & Faith on the 4 wheeler.

(Cousin) Aston & Will showing us the turtle shell they found.
Open Country.
Such beautiful land.

Any deer hunter's dream stand.

Hit the trails.

I am riding with Will going down one of the many beautiful paths in the woods on a 4 wheeler.

Need for Speed.
  Me (the one behind the camera, most of the time)

This precious dog started hanging around the house.  The kids fell in love with him.  

We decided to take him home.  The kids named him Mississippi Mystery (b/c we didn't know what type of dog he was).   
When we got home, we sent out his picture to some friends to see if they knew what he was.  The mystery was solved.  He is a Plott Hound.

Tony's grandparent's headstone.  Will was named after Tony's grandfather, William Thomas.

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