Friday, October 14, 2011

Final Mississippi Post


Crazy little crappy jig got caught on Collin's pants.

:Collin & Will with some really long crappy poles:

Zilpher Creek ~ We named our homeschool after this creek.

Just fishin' with Papa.

:Cousins: Ashton & Faith fishing:

My nephew, Nathan, hanging out in a tree.

Catch & release.
Ashton caught the 1st fish, but she didn't want to have anything to do with it.

Ashton's reaction to the fish.

Fish are bitin'.
Will caught the 2nd fish.

Ashton caught another fish, but she let Faith bring it in.

Lil Bucks fishing in Zilpher Creek.

Collin wading in the creek.


Will throwing clay pigeons for Tony to shoot.

Will shooting skeet.

Give it your best shot. 
:Collin shooting:

:Collin getting more ammo:


:Mississippi & Austin shooting:

 :Daddy & Faith shooting:

Austin saw this Cottonmouth curled up in a tree.  It was so funny, because all the kids took off to get their guns that were on the 4 wheelers.  Tony beat them to the draw & decapitated the snake.

It's huntin' season.
Will, Faith, Austin & Collin

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