Monday, October 17, 2011

Art, Bible & Spanish Class

This week's art project was on the family crest.  The kids really enjoyed finding out where their last name originated.  They got to choose their colors, symbols, etc. to represent their family crest. 

Example: A deer represents one who will not fight unless provoked  (Click on highlighted words for sites to do this project.)

I incorporate a missionary from whatever country we are studying.  This week, the kids were the missionaries.  I gave them a tract for them to pass out.  I also challenged them to pass out at least 10 more.  I want these kids to have a burden for lost souls.  The easiest way to witness to someone is to give them a tract.  

Bible class.  Each week, the kids draw out the lesson using stick figures to remind them of what the lesson was about.  Then they use the pictures to do a timeline of the order that they happened.  It is a very interesting class.

Gabbie is sooo adorable.  I could just eat her up.  She is reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear in Spanish.

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