Monday, March 7, 2011

Girl's Day Out

This past Saturday, Tony took the boys to a Gun & Knife show.  So Faith & I decided we would have a girl's day out.  We went to our favorite place for our "Girl's Tea".  We had a lot of fun.

Faith had some money that she had earned & she wanted to buy some things.  We went to her favorite store & she bought a charm bracelet & a bubblegum machine charm to go on it.  Then we went to World Market so she could buy some candy & she bought the boys some too ~ with her money.  Things like that is what brings a smile to a mama's face.

She had been talking about wanting to get her hair cut for some time now.  She wanted it really short, so we compromised & had it cut at shoulder length.

This kid's salon opened last week in our area.  
It is really a fun place for the kids & moms too. 


This is the first time that Faith had her hair washed at a salon.
She wants us to put in a new sink at our house like this one.

Since it just opened, we got a good price & Faith's nails painted for free.

After Faith's salon visit, we went to another local, favorite restaurant for dessert.

They have an arcade in a side room.  Faith enjoyed playing games & riding the carousel.

The boys had a great day with Daddy & we had a great time on our Girl's Day Out!
I love being with all of my family, but it is nice to have one-on-one time from time-to-time.

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