Sunday, March 6, 2011

Field Trip to a Bee Farm

We are members of a great homeschool support group.  A least once a month there is a field trip available.  One of March's field trip was to a bee farm. (and a petting farm) The farm is family owed & very nice. 

We enjoyed a picnic before we began.  We were able to ride with our friends Jacob & Mrs. Karen.

A sign was posted stating: "Whistle loud to make the turkeys gobble."  
The kids had a great time making the turkeys gobble.  

One of my favorite animals were the Wallabies. 
There were quite a few joeys that stole my heart. 

We were able to feed the lemurs.  They had such soft hands.
We thought that they would have claws by the looks of their
hands, but they did not. This was the kids favorite animal.

A Prairie Dog sitting on their hotel.

We had a fun lesson about honey bees.  
Did you know:
  • That a queen bee only mates once in her life time.
  • She lays about 2,000 eggs a day. 
  • After a drone (male bee) mates, he dies.
  • There are only about 10% drones in a hive.  
  • The drones do not do any work in or for the hive.
  • At the end of the season (around Sept.) the worker bees will break off the drones wings & kick them out of the hive. The drone will then die.
I guess their philosophy is, you don't work, you don't eat/live.

This Bee Farm has about 130 hives.  There is only one hive in the classroom.  
They marked the queen bee with white paint.  The kids had fun trying to find her.
The kids were hoping to dress in a bee keeper's suit & look at the regular hives.  
I'm sure for safety reasons, they do not let the kids near the other hives.

We were able to pour our own "bear" jar of honey.

The kids also made a bee wax mold.  Collin is making a Nascar mold.

Their old bee hive boxes turned into Beeville.

Will feeding a deer.

Check out this video.  This monkey was sooo funny.  
You put the monkey food in the bucket & the monkey 
pulls it to himself.  We loved it!

Jacob, Faith, Collin & Will with their honey bears.

We had to take & post this picture in honor of Daddy.  
Not because we think he's is a toad, but because he plays an amazing trumpet. 
Hee! Hee!

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