Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Celebrations

We experimented with different colored eggs. We wanted to see what brown eggs would look like dyed. Even though we enjoy eating brown eggs, the white eggs still give the best color. We had 3 white eggs which are the bright eggs. The kids got tired of the dark "earthy" colors, so they started painting them.

Hats or Baskets?
Saturday before Easter, we went to a local egg hunt in the area. Or as the kids called it "Egg Gathering".

Faith "gathering eggs". All 3 kids were divided into different areas. I could only get pictures of Faith.
Fortunately, we ran into 2 homeschool families that are in our support group. That made me feel a lot better about the kids having to split up. Each mom took a group.
Egg Hunt #2. This one was real ~ per my kids. One of the daddy's hid the eggs & they were hidden very well. They even had money in some of them. All but 3 eggs were found. And yes, one egg had money in them.
Collin finding an egg.
This is a egg tree at our local library. We have plans on making some crochet eggs for next year so we can have a tree.
Egg Hunt #3. With family & friends.

Last year, we found blue eggs in the bird house that the boys made. This year, we found a mama bird nesting on her eggs. What a special Easter treat.
Easter afternoon, we did the Resurrection Eggs. What a great way to tell the Easter story. We have enjoyed this tradition for many years.

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