Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beach in January

I love going to the beach on the off season. No crowds. The people that are there are so friendly. I do enjoy being with friends, but family time is so special. From Thanksgiving to the end of the year, Tony is so busy playing Christmas services, shows, ballets, etc., that we hardly have time to spend with him. Our January trip to the beach helps us to reconnect, enjoy each others company, relax and just have fun.

Faith was going to join me in the hot tub. After she stepped on the 3rd step, she said "it's a little spicy for me."

It was so nice to sleep in and not feel guilty. Nothing to clean, nothing to cook, plan or prepare and no traditional school to do. (We did some school, they just didn't know it. I wish we could do school like this all the time.) Truly relaxing.

I woke up to find that I was the only one up. Wonderful alone time with my Lord! I brought along this wonderful book to use along with my quiet time. I just love Elizabeth George. She must me my long lost twin. God uses her to tell me just what I need. She uses lots of scripture in her books ~ which I love. There is nothing like spending time with the Lord on a quiet beautiful beach. You can feel His presence all around.

God's stunning creation.

After a quick breakfast, Collin joined me. I love spending one-on-one time with my children. Snuggling, laughing, loving. We decided to take a stroll on the beach. Listening to the gentle lull of the ocean, dodging sea gulls as they swooped down, looking for shells, talking of our dreams, talking about everything and about nothing. Meeting people.

My plan was to run on the beach alone with the Lord- listening the my mp3 player praising my Creator. Instead, I was blessed with running with Collin. Sometimes when plans change it can be better than what we 1st wanted. Maybe tomorrow I can be alone on the beach, but if I have company that'll be a treat too. I never did get to run on the beach in the morning. I was able to have a different blessing with me every morning. The Lord still granted me some wonderful time alone with Him throughout each day.

I loved the slow pace. We enjoyed playing games, reading, swimming & watching cable (what a treat since we don't have it at home).

They boys loved when Tony flipped them in the air.
Will ~ in 1st pic. Collin ~ in 2nd pic.

Tony & Faith playing air hockey.
Will & I are playing pool.

We found a little arcade down the road. We had a lot of fun playing games.

We had a lot of fun at the aquarium.

I want to introduce you to one of my favorite animals. The stingray. Why a stingray you may ask. On the service, he may look a little scary, maybe even a little lonely. You may even start to feel sorry for the little guy.
If you start to investigate him, you will see how he really feels.

There's nothing like sharing Daddy's drink.

Despite the cold, we had a great family vacation. Simply wonderful.

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