Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Praise God!

Great News! Great News!  My sweet friend Angel was diagnosed with cancer.  The doctors were not giving her much hope.  She told them that she didn't want for them to tell her how much time she had left, because they do not determine her time on this earth, the Lord did. 

Through it all, she had such a sweet spirit.  She praised the Lord even when she had every right to fear.  When I talked to her, she always lifted my spirits.  She still sang in the choir and sang solos.  Her parents could not have chosen a more appropriate name for her.  She is sweet as an angel & her voice is what I imagine the angels in heaven sound like.

She found out last week that she is Cancer FREE!!!!!  When she called to tell me, I couldn't stop crying.  What a blessing!!  On a day that I needed to be reminded of His goodness, I was reminded in a powerful way.  God is always so good.  Even if He called her home, He would still be good.  I am so thankful that His will is for her to stay on this earth with her precious family & friends for a while longer.  (Hopefully, a long while).

I am honored to call her friend.

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