Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last Month of Co-op

One thing that I love about our co-op is that it gives the kids a chance to present projects in front of kids as well as parents.  This year, we had to do 2 devotionals, the boys each had to present a scientist & then at the end of the year, a science fair project.  It was a lot of work, but so much fun.

We have a great group of kids.  
They cheered the presenters on and asked questions. 

Faith was not required to do a science fair project, but she wanted to do one.  
Her project was to test how important seat belts are.  She used a toy car, ramp & eggs.  
All the kids loved watching the eggs get cracked

Will setting up his video.  
I wasn't able to get a picture of Collin's because I was helping him.


Our second to the last co-op was very eventful.  

The kids were so excited to have daddy come and teach.
Right when he arrived at the church, the fire alarm went off.
One of the staff members burnt popcorn, which caused the alarm to go off.
Since the church is in the city, the fire department had to come out.

The lesson was on the physics of sound & music.
Since Tony has a BS degree as well as a doctorate in music, 
Mrs. Melinda asked him teach the class.

 Tony did such a wonderful job. The kids LOVED it.  They voted him
the teacher of the year.  Above, Tony is teaching the kids how to change the 
pitch by using straws. 


Our final co-op for this school year.  

For the last day of our co-op, the kids were able to show what they learned.
The violin & piano students played a solo, the art students displayed their favorite piece
& the language students (Spanish, French & Sign Language) presented a sample
of what they learned through out the year.

Spanish party with cupcakes, chips and salsa.

Will & Collin along with the rest of the Spanish class presenting 
La primavera,El verano, El otofio y El invierno
(Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter).

Our co-op (minus 4).
We had such a great year.  These kids a really a great group.  
They love the Lord & are very kind to one another.
We are hoping to still get together through out the summer.
We are really looking forward to next year.

Crazy kids.

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