Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Curriculum ~ It's That Time of Year Again

I love looking at curriculum, but making the final decision can be stressful.  I started looking in February & am just now making my final decision ~  in April. After much praying & sifting through many websites & brochures that I got from our homeschool conference, I am done.  Now for the money. Which is the reason I have to decide early so I can watch out for sales on used curriculum.  It takes awhile, but it's well worth it.

I haven't bought Bible curriculum before, because I've always had plenty.  We have finally ran through everything that I have.  We are going to try Apologia's Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him? (If interested click on title, then scroll to page 25.)

We will be doing Science with our co-op starting in August, but the kids really like ocean animals, so we will start with Apologia's Zoology 2 Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day  until August. (If interested click on title, then scroll to page 35.)

Handwriting - I am creating my own using the kid's AWANA memory verses as well as some copy work. 

History is the only thing that is up in the air.  We did living books this year & really liked it.  Most US History start with the founding of America.  We have covered that so much, & haven't really gone past the Civil War. Sonlight Core D starts with the Civil War.  I am praying about this.  It is pricey.

For Geography we are using Galloping The Globe with Collin & Faith.  Will has already had US Geography. We'll review the US Geography, with Will, but he (probably) will be doing Trail Guide to Bible Geography.

For Will's Spelling & Collin's Math, we are using ABEKA .
Will's Math - Saxon Teacher.  This will be on computer.  He is getting farther than I feel comfortable teaching.
Will's Grammer - The Plan by Rod & Staff
Will's Reading - living books.  I'm still working on the list.  I got some great ideas from Jan Bloom. As well as from other Homeschool moms

Collin's Reading - Explode The Code
Collin's Spelling- Spelling Workout
Collin's Language- First Language Lessons

Thankfully, we have everything that we need for Faith's Kindergarten/1st grade.

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