Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bill the Duck's Adventures

We are participating in a homeschool project. We have really enjoyed it. Check out Bill the Duck's 1st week with the 'lilbucks.

Bill arrived on Tues., June 1st from Germany.
Complete with passport, plain ticket & an adventure journal.
A few very excited 'lilbucks.
6-2-10 Bill on the way to spend the day at the lake.

1st stop, Chick-fil-a. Bill was very happy to hear that they serve chicken and not fresh duck.
Bill slide down the slide over & over & over.
Bill enjoyed swimming with friends on such a pretty sunny day.
Wed. night, Bill had a great time learning how to play the organ.
He got a chance to "quack" in our church pulpit.
6-4-10 Fri., Bill took pleasure in riding in the grocery cart at Publix.
He inspect the produce.
Bill was a little confused why these people were not moving.
He learned how to read at the library.
6-5-10 Bill was the talk of the Victorian Tea party.

8 Little girls enjoyed spending time with Bill.
After the party, Bill flew to a wedding where he got to be one of the 1st to see the wedding cake.
He was curious about all the penguins in the wedding party. (tux)
Late Sat. afternoon, we spent some time at a pond where he was eagerly anticipating Collin to catch a fish for his dinner.
6-8-10 Bill felt like a true American today when he got to help us vote in the primaries for our state leaders.

Stay tune for more Bill Adventures.

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