Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Field Trips

We started school on June 21st. Will was really excited about his math program & did 5 lessons in 2 days. Oh how I wish that would be the case every day. :)

We will be doing school year round for the first time this year. 3 weeks on and 1 week off - with most of December off.

Our first week of school, we did 3 days of school and then had 2 days of field trips.

Our Thursday field trip was to a beautiful nursery for our final 4H Seedling class. Faith was so excited that she would be able to see babies. She was a little disappointed that it was a flower nursery.

Faith is pretending to be the teacher. I wish I would have videoed what she was teaching me. So funny!

Collin said that he wanted to do this to Daddy's redneck truck.
Tony didn't like his idea.

We learned what types of plants liked which types of soil, how to transfer plants, how to design a yard & lots more. Now, only if I could have a green thumb. I cringe every time someone gives me a plant, because I know it won't have a long life in my care.

All the kids were able to plant a flower & then take it home. So far, two weeks later, they are still living.

Will received his certificate, pins & t-shirt for completing the 4H Seedling class.

Collin received his certificate, pins & t-shirt for completing the 4H Seedling class.

We studied the Venus Fly Trap in science & decided to buy one. It has been a lot of fun to watch. Put the pot in a dish filled with water & it's good to go. The plant likes for the soil to be soggy. My problem with plants is either I don't water it enough or I water it too much. Maybe this one will make it.

Our Friday field trip was for our state history class.

We visited the state capitol. This is always a lot of fun. Each year we get a little more detailed about our state & government.

No matter where we go, the trees are one of the highlights. (Collin)

We found all 6 stars on the State House that represented where it was hit during the Civil War.

The House of Representatives. We were excited to find a Bible on one of the desks.

Will acting like George Washington.

Our 1st week back to school was so much fun. It was relaxed & not to demanding. Praying for many more weeks like this one.

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  1. We use to do school year round and now the older kids have jobs and the younger kids have 4-H.
    I like the year round better. We always took December off at that time. Looks like you had a good time.