Thursday, July 14, 2011

Love 2 Teach

I love teaching my children.  Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher.  For several different reasons, I did not go down that path through college.  What a blessing that God still used that desire to teach my own children.  What a feeling when you've been teaching your child something that they have been struggling with & then the light bulb goes off.  I love it when all three of  my children are sitting around me as I am reading, I see their faces as they are hanging on to every word of the story or lesson.  Or when I ask them a thought provoking question ~ expecting one answer & get another one that I never thought of & is just as correct.

My kids are figuring out for themselves that evolution can not be true.  As things are pointed out in our Science lesson they begin to ask, "How can people believe that the world just happened?"

I love learning along with them. I learned 2 amazing things. First, we studied about the ocean.  The ocean gets saltier & saltier because the rivers and volcanoes dump salt into the ocean constantly.  It is very hard for salt to leave the ocean.  Because of this, the salt in the ocean keeps rising.  This tells us that the earth is not billions of years old, as some would have you believe.  If the earth were really billions of years old, the amount of salt in the oceans would have been building up for billions of years, making them much, much saltier than they really are.  In fact, the amount of salt in the oceans indicates that the earth's oceans (and the earth itself) are very young. (From page 12 of Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day)

The next thing that I learned is that there were dinosaurs on Earth when man roamed it.  Nothing had died before the first sin from Adam & Eve.

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  1. Oh amen and AMEN! I could not agree more! I love teaching my little as well! Being able to teach him a Christ centered education is a true blessing!