Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drive In Theater

Last night, the kids, Tony & I went to the drive in movie theater.  We had the best time.  It is cheaper then going to the regular movie theater & a lot more fun.  We go about once a year (because that's about the only time a good decent movie plays).  The funny thing is, we've gone 3 times, all during the dead of summer & it is always chilly.  A cold front has come through each time.  It was perfect weather.


The kid's eagerly waiting for the movie to start.

My kids love sitting on top of the van.
They have their goodies hanging in the bags on the side of the van.

Previews of Toy Story.

One thing that I love about the Drive In, is that they play the old commercials from the 50"s. 
So fun to watch.


  1. Sounds great! What movie did you all see?


  2. We saw Cars 2. The kids really enjoyed it.