Monday, July 26, 2010

On the Road Again

We had a grand time this weekend in the mountains. It was a short visit, but a much needed little break. Before we left town, we stopped at the drive- thru at McDonald's for breakfast. The man in front of us paid for our meal. I don't think that he realized there were 5 of us in the van. What a blessing!

Faith & I had been looking forward to going to a wonderful tea house that we went to last year. To our dismay, it closed down shortly after our last year's visit. Tony asked a sweet lady at The Arcade on Main about it. When she found out that we left early just for the tea house, she said that Faith is going to have a tea party. She called Rosanne of Rosanne's Bears & More to set up a tea party for us. These ladies pulled together the best little girl's tea party. The restaurant next door, Mike's on Main, supplied the food & added a complementary brownie ice-cream. Another one of God's little blessings.

They brought lots of teddy bears to be our guests.

Thank you Mrs. Rosanne.

Our first night, Tony started a fire for us. This year, the weather was unusually hot for the mountains. The fire was fun, but not very cozy. We made S Mores. Check out Will's new invention. Roasting marshmallows with a fishing rod. Surprisingly, it did not melt the line.

Everyone settling in for a long summer's nap.

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