Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gone Fishin'

While in the mountains, we rented a pontoon boat & went fishing on the lake. What a treat.

We found a place for only $20 an hour. What a deal!!!

I felt sorry for Tony. It seemed like all he did was change out bait for the kids. They picked one bait and then wanted something different just a few minutes later. He was very patient with them.

Will drove the boat for most of the day. He felt like a man. :)

Mama & Faith enjoying the day.

Collin & Tony's feet.
I want to hold on to the memories of the kids being small/young.
Time has flown by so fast & will continue to do so.

We didn't catch anything while we were out on the boat. After we docked the boat, the boys threw in their line & caught 4 small fish.

Tony put the fish on a stringer to keep until we left.
Faith pulled it up and was so trilled that "she caught" the fish.

Fishing has become a new family favorite. Will & Collin have now learned how to bait their hook & take the fish off. Now, maybe Tony can fish a little too.

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