Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Day & Academic Presentation

Today has been great. Since we did school on Saturday, we took today off. (My kids don't know that all kids don't do school on Saturday here and there- so please don't tell them.:)

After karate, we visited with Nanny at the nursing home. She wasn't very talkative, but it was nice to sit and hold her hand. I shared with her what we've been doing during the week. The kids and I sat on her bed making up a "what -if" story. When she did speak, she said "when did y'all jump out of an airplane." I explained to her that we were making up a story. I don't think she understood, because when we left, she said "I don't think you need to be jumping out of airplanes anymore."

Afterwards, we went to Pizza Hut for our free pizza from the Book It reading program. If you homeschool, check out the link. If you don't, ask your school to join up.

Then we went to see, my friend, Ms. Sherry (and Kayla) to show me a way to put Faith's hair up for Easter. Faith has been asking me to fix her hair "fancy" for some time now. I told her that Ms. Sherry would have to help Mommy. Sherry is so talented in - well everything. We love her so much. We enjoyed fellowshipping with her as well as with Kayla.

When we got home, we headed outside for a fun afternoon in the sun. I love this spring weather.

I have been praying all day (as well as all month) about a certain matter that seems a little impossible to happen. God has never failed us & I know He never will. Every month, the money comes in - sometime on the very last day. We have 2 more days. If He chooses to not bring in the money, then I know it is His will. He may use it to teach us something. Why do I get so worried? Either way, He will meet our needs. He promises us in Philippians 4:19 "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."


Homeschool Academic Presentation
(A little late in posting)

Our Homeschool support group has an Academic Presentation day twice a year. There's one in the fall which is for History and Science. The one in the spring is for Art, Music and Literature. It is a great time for the kids to get practice giving oral presentations. Not only do they have to get up in front of children, but in front of adults as well.

Will did his report on a musician named John Cage. He has a lot of different interpretations of music.Cage wrote a piece called "Silence". The score is a little over 4 minutes of rests. Nothing else. He was trying to show the audience what true silence is. After Will's speech, he "played" an excerpt of it on the keyboard. What?, you may ask. He stood in front of the keyboard and "played" the rests. I told you that Cage was a little different. Will did a wonderful job on his presentation.
Children under 3rd grade are not required to give an oral presentation, just a project. Collin had a great time doing his art projects throughout the year.

Creativity: is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~ Scott Adams, American Cartoonist.

You'll notice on the right of the table is his bag that he made that I posted earlier on my blog. On top of it, is his pillow that he made. He loves to create things.

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  1. Yea for the 'Buck boys! Love those projects! Wish I could have seen them!